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We manufacture the worlds most technologically advanced ECO-friendly weldable webbing, meeting industries needs both professionally and reliably. Weaving of the webbing and extrusion encapsulation are carried out in house in our own facility to ensure complete control of quality and a superior product. Our facility includes in house tool manufacturing allowing quick, responsive solutions to meet our customer’s needs.


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WeldTECH™   is our premium quality ECO-friendly, weldable webbing. It is a tightly woven webbing utilizing extreme strength, high tenacity polyester yarn woven to exacting specifcation and meets the European standard for curtainsiders (Tuatliners) BS-EN-12641-2-2006. Next we encapsulate the webbing with a layer of our proprietary polymer under intense pressure, utilizing our own unique process called HiBOND3™  technology to create a superior laminate, ECO-friendly, weldable webbing. The HiBOND3™  process delivers the industry leading polymer to webbing bond that also welds upto 7 times faster and delivers this with our ECO-friendly proprietary polymer that is non-toxic and classed as a food safe plastic.

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Hibond3 3 pictures








Left- HiBOND3™   technology used in WeldTECH™   is well impregnated and doesn't want to let go.

Middle picture- Polymer that has been torn apart and left in the webbing structure.

Right- Notice how torn apart the WeldTECH™   product is due to the HiBOND3™   technology.


We recently embarked on a complete redesign of our products. After 7 years of relentless development, TradeLinx Webbing is proud to introduce WeldTECH™   , the world’s ultimate ECO-friendly weldable webbing, second to none.

The development process had us look at the competition, talk with our clients and industry leaders here and internationally to see how to make the worlds best ECO-friendly weldable webbing. Research was undertaken seeking compounds, materials and methods to reach this goal. During the development, we constantly evaluated and re-evaluated repeatedly the products performance to our competition and goals, so now we can be sure WeldTECH™    is the world’s ultimate ECO-friendly weldable webbing.



• Breaking load exceeds 23kn 

• Welds on RF, Hot Wedge, Hot Air 

• Welding speeds, up to 7 times faster 

• Tunable bond strength from zero to 27kg 

• WeldTechTM contains zero PVC or Phalates 

• WeldTechTM is considered a food safe product 

• WeldTechTM delivers reduced energy requirements 

• WeldTechTM offers reduced noise for hot air welding 

• WeldTech exhibits a very high initial resistance to delamination 

• WeldTechTM releases far fewer volatiles and toxins during welding 

• WeldTechTM complies with BS EN 12641-2-2006 European standard 

• WeldTechTM is easy to rework. It can be re-welded to it’s original bond strength 

• There is less webbing shrinkage or creep due to less overall heat induced in to the weld 

• Skilled technician can remove all polymer from a PVC curtain without damaging the curtain 

• Because weld times are reduced, heat is decreased allowing far less toxin to boil off PVC curtain 

• WeldTechTM is less effected by hot and cold conditions compared to Plastisol weldable webbings 

• New Zealand designed product you can trust 


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