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WeldTECH™ - ECO-Friendly weldable reinforcement webbing





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WeldTECH™  is our premium quality ECO-friendly, weldable webbing. It is a tightly woven webbing utilizing extreme strength, high tenacity polyester yarn woven to exacting specifcation and meets the European standard for curtainsiders (Tuatliners) BS-EN-12641-2-2006. Next we encapsulate the webbing with a layer of our proprietary polymer under intense pressure, utilizing our own unique process called HiBOND3™  technology to create a superior laminate, ECO-friendly, weldable webbing. The HiBOND3™  process delivers the industry leading polymer to webbing bond that also welds upto 7 times faster and delivers this with our ECO-friendly proprietary polymer that is non-toxic and classed as a food safe plastic.

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  • WeldTECH™ welding speeds are greatly improved over Plastisol coated webbing, up to 7 times faster depending on machinery, environment and desired finale bond strength requirements. The bond strength can be tuned from zero to 27kg.
  • WeldTECH™ delivers reduced energy requirements giving direct manufacturing savings.
  • WeldTECH™ offers reduced noise for hot air welding due to shorter weld times.
  • WeldTECH™ weld strength is greater. At 7x speed, still slightly higher bond strengths. At 3x faster there is a substantial increase in bond strength. At similar weld times the bond can reach 27kg delamination resistance that sometimes delaminates the curtain instead of the weldable webbing.
  • WeldTECH™ exhibits a very high initial resistance to delamination by drawing strength from 2 directions. Plastisol does not do this as it has very little strength in itself.
  • WeldTECH™ webbing’s breaking strain passes the BS EN 12641-2-2006 European standard for vertical weldable webbing in curtainsiders. We are the only manufacturer that currently meets this standard in New Zealand, with a breaking load exceeding 23kn.
  • WeldTECH™ releases far fewer volatiles and toxins during welding and through its service life. It contains zero PVC1 or Phalates2. WeldTECH™ is considered a food safe product. Because weld times are reduced, heat is decreased allowing a far smaller window for toxins to boil off. Even the PVC curtains, toxin purge, gains from the reduced weld time, giving a substantial overall improvement to health and safety concerns.
  • There is less webbing shrinkage or creep due to less overall heat induced in to the weld.
  • WeldTECH™ is less effected by hot and cold conditions compared to Plastisol coated weldable webbings.
  • WeldTECH™ has a well protected polyester webbing core rated above 23Kn (around 2400Kg).
  • WeldTECH™ has had a rigorous UV testing and starts exhibiting colour shift in a similar time scale to Plastisol coated webbing (PVC).
  • WeldTECH™ is easy to rework. It can be re-welded to it’s original bond strength. Also a skilled technician can remove all polymer from a PVC curtain without damaging the curtain.
  • WeldTECH™ welds perfectly on RF welders, Hot Air welders, Hot Wedge welders, and even hand held Hot Air welders.
  • WeldTECH™  is considered a food safe plastic and is ECO-FRIENDLY because it has none of the nasty chemical drawbacks of Plastisol and because of the dramatic reduction of heat needed to make a superior weld, the PVC fabric liberates far fewer toxins into the workshop and environment. Later in the curtains life cycle when it is sent to the landfill, there are no plasticizers to migrate out as there is with Plastisol.
  • WeldTECH™ has been specially designed for the inside of curtainsider (tuatliner) curtains or similar situations. This product is not suitable for direct sunlight or outdoor applications, particularly in the Southern hemisphere where UV levels are very high. This product is also not suitable for prolonged immersion in water.
  • This is a New Zealand designed product you can trust, backed by my 35 years of industry experience.
  • All these added benefits at a reduced price from what you pay now.

1PVC compounds in general are made up of Plasticizers, Stabilisers, Lubricants, Fillers, and PVC resin. Other compounds may be added to achieve desired properties. Being made up of so many substances PVC compounds create many challenges to human wellbeing. PVC also gives of hydrochloric acid when it is burnt or welded.

2Phthalates have been shown to disrupt hormone activity, reduce sperm counts and some preliminary studies show that they may be causing a slow and steady demasculinizing of men. Other studies have linked phthalates to liver cancer and breast cancer.


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For all types of Curtainsiders / Tuatliners