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HiBOND3™ - The bonding technology we use in WeldTECH™

HiBOND3 is the technology we have pioneered that delivers the industry-leading polymer to webbing bond strength of upto 27Kg at 48mm width. We have achieved this without sacrificing any of the products flexibility or light weight. Not only does the HiBOND3 process deliver the industry leading polymer to webbing bond, but it also welds upto 7 times faster and delivers this with our ECO-friendly proprietary polymer that is non-toxic and classed as a food safe plastic.

HiBOND3 was not easy to create. It took 7 years of constant development, evaluating the HiBOND3 performance to our competition and goals, so now we can be sure HiBOND3  delivers the strongest bond and is the world’s ultimate ECO-friendly weldable webbing.

Hibond3 3 pictures

Left- HiBOND3 technology used inWeldTECH™  is well impregnated and doesn't want to let go. Middle picture- Polymer that has been torn apart and left in the webbing structure. Right- Notice how torn apart the WeldTECH™   product is due to the HiBOND3 technology.

The woven webbing that is integral to weldable webbing provides the strength while the encapsulating polymer provides support and protection to the woven webbing.

When the woven webbing is cut, punched, or put under load the yarn that makes up the webbing can become displaced causing a detrimental effect to the overall integrity of the woven webbing. Heat sealing cuts and punch holes goes some way to offsetting this damage to the weave.

While the encapsulating polymer remains firmly bonded to the woven webbing, it to provides support to the weave preventing yarn displacement. 

Let’s be honest, not everybody takes the time to heat seal their cuts and punch holes. If this is the case, HiBOND3 can make all the difference.

We use the term upto with both the bond strength and weld speed.

The more heat absorbed by WeldTECH™  , the stronger the ultimate bond strength will be. However this also starts to impact on the overall shrinkage of the polyester webbing. From this it can be seen a balance of bond strength and shrinkage needs to be achieved. If either end of a strap is welded hot and the majority of the centre of the strap welded much cooler, the best of both worlds can be achieved, very strong bond at the ends where it is needed and little overall shrinkage.

The polymer we use for WeldTECH™  melts at about 50ºC less than Plastisol coated webbing (traditional PVC weldable webbing). It absorbs heat readily and retains it for extended periods. This is why it can weld so much faster than Plastisol coated webbing. This can lead to problems if to much heat is absorbed. WeldTECH™  can stick to itself even minutes after it is welded if it is laid over itself while working or retain a curl if rolled to soon. Again this is part of the balancing act of achieving a suitable bond yet be easy to work with. Both the curl effect and shrinkage normally pull out under the weight of the curtain and especially when it is tensioned.

Each technician will settle on the best setting for themselves to meet their goals.



WeldTech bond strengths 2


We compared a local Plastisol coated webbing to our ECO-friendly WeldTECH™   weldable webbing using our 8Kw RF welder we use for quality assurance testing during the manufacture of WeldTECH™  . It can be seen that achieving a weld bond strength that is similar to Plastisol coated webbing, we are able to achieve a weld speed that is 7x faster. By using progressively longer weld times we obtain better developed welds. At the same welding time as Plastisol, the weld strength is more than doubled and can sometimes de-laminate PVC curtain fabric. Of course at this long weld time, webbing shrinkage becomes a real problem, so only short lengths can be welded. We have seen similar results on Hot Air and Hot Wedge machines. **Results will vary from machine to machine and are dependant on environmental conditions.

HiBOND3 achieves stronger weld bond strengths at multiples of faster weld times.



For all types of Curtainsiders / Tuatliners